Web Pages

Personal Pages

This document describes how to setup a personal web page in the Stanford Computer Science Department.

Create a 'www' or 'public_html' directory and set the permissions on it and your home directory:

mkdir ~/www
fsr sa ~/www www read    [this is a recursive command to make all subdirectories readable by the webserver]
fs sa ~ www l

Your web page will be reachable from several different URLS.

If you put the URL to your web page (e.g. the first example) in Pedit, then the following URL will redirect to it:

Limiting Access

This document is incomplete.

There are a two basic ways to password-protect web pages on the CS web servers. If you want to require logins using a CSID, and possibly limit it to a specific set of CSIDs, then use WebAuth. If you need to setup a shared password, or provide access to people without CSIDs, use Apache BasicAuth.


Please send a request on http://support.cs.stanford.edu to discuss this option.

Apache BasicAuth

In the directory you want to limit access to, create a .htaccess file similar to the following:

 AuthUserFile /afs/cs.stanford.edu/u/mycsid/.htpasswd
 AuthGroupFile /dev/null
 AuthName "By Secret Password Only"
 AuthType Basic
 <Limit GET>
  order deny,allow
  require valid-user
  # or require user <csid>

Then create the password file by running

 htpasswd -cb /afs/cs.stanford.edu/u/mycsid/.htpasswd <user> <password>

Stanford Web Service

For information about Stanford's Web Service, as opposed to the CS Department's service, see