Cluster Storage


There are several storage options for the scail cluster.  Replace CSID with your CS username.

Home directory: /sailhome/CSID

All sc cluster nodes mount a common network volume for your home directory. This is a good option for submission scripts, outputs, etc. There is a quota of 20GB for each user. 

Scratch Storage via NFS

Each group has their own network storage mounted via auto-fs (meaning it mounts only when you reference the path). Space amounts vary from group to group, so ask your group for details or contact us if you are not sure where to store your files.

Dedicated data-transfer node:

Since we want to keep resource contention to a minimum, we have a dedicated machine for handling data I/Os or access to off-campus resources. If you need to move large amounts of data or have any prolonged I/O operations, please do so on SCDT ( Because this machine is equipped with higher bandwidth interfaces and mounts all network storage within the cluster, it is also much more likely to be faster to do transfers there than anywhere else.